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Father's Day Playlist: Dad Rock Karaoke Jams


(Image via Tumblr)

Another year, another Father’s Day, another playlist? That’s right, I’m back with some more tunes to jam out to. I’m going to be very upfront with saying that this is very loosely affiliated with Father’s Day. The truth is, I just love dad rock and singing karaoke as poorly, and out of tune as I can. With that being said let’s go through 5 classics that should be listened to (and sung on repeat) at your local dive bar this weekend. Your dad probably has most of these songs in his CD collection that is for some reason still in the family car even though aux cords are a thing...


    1) Dancing In The Dark- Bruce Springsteen

This song should be sung as loudly as possible whenever the opportunity arises. It is my go to, and it’s an added bonus that pretty much every dad loves The Boss. Off of the classic 1984 album, “Born In the USA” Bruce brings some heat in his lyrics that can get everyone fired up. This is my go to song to sing first just to let everyone know how the night is going to go.

     2) Paradise City- Guns N’ Roses

Paradise City has a special place in my heart. It always reminds me of when I was a young child and my dad would drive me to soccer or baseball in his old Camaro. The tunes were loud, the car was loud, the driving was erratic. But the tender moments were real. Now in a karaoke setting, this song always sounds terrible when I do it because I try to nail (and I mean nail) the high notes that Axl Roses consistently can hit. Throw on your best vintage rock shirt and rock this song out.

     3) There Is A Light That Never Goes Out- The Smiths

I get it, not everyone’s dad is a hair metal rocker. Some dads like other music bands. Good thing other bands make singable songs. This is totally a song for when you’re trying to take it down a notch and brood around the stage for 3 minutes as other people grab fresh drinks.

     4) New Orleans Is Sinking- The Tragically Hip

This one is required listening growing up in Canada and I’m very disappointed in you if you don’t know the song. Your dad totally does, so why don’t you? In a karaoke setting, it will get everyone going and a minute in you have the whole group on stage singing with you. It’s communal. Gord Downie is Canadian royalty and this song will be a lasting monument to his musical contribution to Canada.

     5) September- Earth, Wind, And Fire

I know you were thinking to yourself, "Taylor this list is all fine and good, but where is that controversial pick?" Well here it is. Is this rock? I say it is. Does my dad LOVE this song? He most certainly does. This coming on at any wedding may be the happiest I’ve ever see him. So I pass that happiness on whenever I can. It’s cheesy and the perfect way to end the night.


If you share these jams with your dad this Father's Day, I hope he enjoys them as much as I'm going to enjoy all my dad rock karaoke this weekend. 

See ya for the next playlist.