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10 Minutes Aroma - 8 Sticks

10 Minutes Aroma - 8 Sticks

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    A pack of 10 minute incense to colour your day.
  • Contains 8 incense sticks and mat
  • 10 minute burn time
  • Cedar Wood: Awakening your inner-strength and deep wisdom with a cool fragrance of woods reminding you of the crisp air of a cedar forest.
  • Oak Moss: Fragrance of a moss growing gently on oak trees of a deep forest, taking you to a mysteriously warm and sober world.
  • Japanese Cypress: A fragrance of trees enveloping your mind with a nostalgic serenity. Ideal for soothing a restless mind and getting back clear thoughts.
  • Sandalwood: A fragrance that brings you to another world with mysteriously profound sweetness. Ideal for eliminating tensions and reflecting on your inner self
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