Rooted in creative expression since 1989, eyes set to an optimistic tomorrow.

Plenty is a culture creating community harnessing creativity to express ourselves.

Our origin story is interwoven with creativity, connection, and optimism - core founding themes that continue to ripple through our daily actions, future goals, and each of us at Plenty.

Connection and Leadership in action. Creativity with an open mind.


Our Experience

The homebase for your expression: and all of our retail stores are your canvas to colour in your own way. Each of our retail touchpoints offer you a place to feel at ease in finding your own creative outlet. Our retail inspiration is a transportive experience, rich in story and texture. Through our visual journey in our store designs, we share our history and give you a moment of escape.

Our Values

For All of Us. For Connection. For Creativity. For Leadership.

Each of us is part of an eco-system - valuable members of an intricately beautiful, culture creating community. We are committed to re-imagining a new way forward. Through connection in action, respect of creative expression and personal leadership, we unite to envision the colours and acceptance that tomorrow holds.

Change for the good, good for change.

We have our efforts and eyes set on all-encompassing change. We work to embody this ideology through personal change, as well as evoking change on a group scale. From changing our world to changing the way our company operates - all for the good.

Inclusivity & Expression

Inclusivity accounts for the full spectrum of human difference. Plenty celebrates all forms of diversity in how we communicate. From expanding representation in our seasonal campaigns to working on including size diverse options, our goal is to deepen our understanding of inclusivity to foster space for everyone.

We celebrate the full spectrum of gender, championing the fullest self-expression.

Be yourself

Be inclusive

Be honest

Climate Awareness

We are conscious of the need to affect change for the health of our planet. We partner with local brands and brands with waste reduction efforts as their mandate to reduce our collective carbon footprint. We are actively working to dramatically reduce our use of plastic in our stores. We know there is a lot of room for change. We have a big vision, but we are also human and facing certain limitations. Come along with us as we journey to research a better way forward with the goal to enact the change we envision.