Our Roots

Our Roots

Murat, our founder, spent the imprintable days of his childhood exploring the colourful lanes of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, where his father owned his first retail store in the textile industry.


A teenaged Murat trained his creative eye through the study of photography.


Murat moves to Toronto and starts his first business venture selling sweaters made from upcycled leather.


Murat graduates from the SFU business program.


Murat opens his first store, called Y.E.S. (Young Expressive Style). 


Plenty was first established as a single level store on a busy corner in Kitsilano looking to make a mark on the Canadian retail market. Focused on women's and men's style forward clothing, it was the first store in the neighbourhood carrying designer labels and offering superior customer service.


Being conscious and adaptable to what customers ask for has been a key factor to success. Plenty has continued to flourish, now with eleven brick and mortar stores in Western Canada, as well as a growing online business.

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